Packing by roll. inside polybagbag with outside woven bag, perfect……

Packing by roll. inside polybagbag with outside woven bag, perfect contianer loading sequence, without wasting customer contianer space

In order to solve the severe export situation of China’s shoe industry in recent years and explore confidence in competition, Xinlian Shoes Supply Chain Co., Ltd. and Shoedu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. have jointly created an online and offline integrated shoe supply chain transaction ecosystem—— China Shoes Supply Chain Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as “Trading Center”). The project aims to integrate the resources of the shoe industry, deeply promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s shoe industry chain, create a trading ecosystem focusing on the shoe supply chain, and expand the fertile ground for international trade.

It is reported that the China Shoe Supply Chain Trading Center is located on the banks of the Feiyun River in Wenzhou·Ruian, the provincial town of Rui’an Overseas Chinese Trade Town with the prefix “Qiao” in Zhejiang Province, and is located at the “golden cross” of railways, high speeds and national highways. The first phase has a construction area of ​​about 100,000 square meters, covering four major pavilions of shoe materials, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and children’s shoes. It also has a dedicated international brand shoe exhibition center, brand center, technology research and development center, achievement transformation center, and intelligent equipment The five special areas of the center integrate the Internet celebrity live broadcast center, crowd-creation e-commerce, and other industrial supporting facilities, as well as public supporting facilities such as food centers and large banquet halls, to create a smart digital ordering base for shoes.
First of all, the China Shoes Supply Chain Trading Center integrates two online platforms independently developed by Xinlian E-commerce, the comprehensive service platform of the shoe supply chain “Shoe Netcom” and the international marketing and export platform for the shoe industry “Shoe Trade Port” through the two platforms Empower the trading center, build a new business model of Internet + trade, lay out the entire network, and open up the upstream and downstream of the shoe industry chain to solve the asymmetry of resource information in the shoe industry.

Secondly, the China Shoes Supply Chain Trading Center has built an offline physical trading market of 100,000 square meters. On the fourth floor of the main building of the trading center, a shoe exhibition area has been reserved, and a global shoe exhibition center will be built by hosting dozens of order fairs each year. , Forming a shoe industry agglomeration ecosystem. Among them, it is worth noting that with the strong support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Shanghai Global Science and Technology Center and the Ruian Municipal Government, the trading center will also host two global events every year, Global Light Industrial Commodities (Shoes) China (Ruian) Expo and shoe supply chain procurement conference. Regularly invite global buyers, unite overseas customers, large buyers, well-known brands and e-commerce platforms, etc., to create a trade docking window for Chinese shoe companies and international buyers.

Finally, the China Shoes Supply Chain Trading Center uses the four foundations as the support point for the upgrade of the shoe industry.


Post time: Aug-25-2020